Three Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

Newborn baby in Three Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

Have you ever wondered what makes for a smooth newborn session? Keep reading for my three tips for a successful newborn session.


Tip #1 Everyone is Recently Fed

I always recommend feeding your newborn right before I arrive. I want to start out the session with baby’s belly full. There is always time for another feed or a bottle, but babies are the most relaxed with a full body. But who am I kidding, aren’t we all more happy with a full belly?? So make sure to give your kids, even your husband, a protein and carb heavy snack before the session. Don’t forget yourself, mama! You need food too!

Details of a baby's hair in three tips for a successful newborn session

Tip #2 One Clutter-free, Small Space with Beautiful Light

Since I’m an in-home, lifestyle newborn photographer, I’m always looking for good light in your home. Many mamas think they have to have their whole house cleaned up for a session. When the reality is that I only need one small space with beautiful light for all your photos. This could be in your living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen or even in the hallway near your front door.

Close up of baby's head with white swaddle and background

Tip #3 A Neutral, Comfortable Outfit for Mama

I think pretty much all post-birth mamas aren’t confident in their bodies for their session. The shell that is the home for who you are as a person has grown and changed so much during pregnancy and the birth of your baby. So it’s natural for you as the mama to feel self-conscience leading into a newborn session. What I want you to consider is finding a neutral dress or outfit with some give while you are still pregnant that you could wear for a newborn session. Make sure it’s stretchy and has extra room in the bust area. Nothing Fits But offers some amazing options for this type of dress. The last thing I want you to be doing post-birth is scrambling to try to find a dress or outfit before the newborn session. If you book with me, we can collaborate before the baby comes on what would look good and what is your style. My goal is to make the whole process of your newborn session feel easy and seamless.

Baby lying on sherpa chair in three tips for a successful newborn session

Bonus Tip: Let Go of Expectations

I’m offering this tip as a bonus because I’ve seen mamas have expectations of these amazing poses or images of other families they want for themselves. While this isn’t wrong, it can lead to frustration at your newborn session from you, your baby or your other children. My style and what I offer my clients is lots images of the baby being held in the arms of mom or dad, a few with siblings and some just showing life together. Babies LOVE to be held! Its the place they feel the most secure and content.

If we have time and the newborn baby is still content, I try to get some of him/her by themselves, wrapped tightly and sleeping soundly. However I would advise to just go with the flow of your session. Make it personal to you, your family and your legacy story.


These images are of my sweet, new nephew, Fowler, who I adore! He was so good and let me try out a new swaddle technique for the last part of his session. I’m in love with the results!


You can see some images from another recent newborn session HERE.


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  1. […] If you are really close with a postpartum mom, offer to help with any housework. You can do laundry, cleaning, pick up toys or wash a sink full of dishes. Having someone to pick up some diapers can be a real God send! Maybe her flowerbeds need weeded and watered. The sky is the limit with this! You could even help her get everything cleaned up and ready for her newborn photoshoot. See idea number two on Three Tips for a Successful Newborn Session. […]

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