How to Help a Postpartum Mom

Have you ever wondered how you can help a postpartum mom? Maybe your friend just had her third kid, and you’re wondering how you can come along side her right now. I’m no expert on this, but after having three kids of my own, one of them being a NICU baby, I feel I have a little insight into how to be a good friend during this time.

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Give Her a Meal

I feel like this goes without saying that food is one of the best ways to help a postpartum mom. You could help her prep freezer meals before her baby arrives, or make them for her. Maybe she would love for you to line up meals for her through something like Take Them a Meal or Meal Train. A good home-cooked meal is so nice in those first few weeks after you’ve had a baby. You could take this up a notch by asking her what meal she is craving right now and making it for her.

I know for me though I don’t feel like I can take on more in my own schedule, so I will give a gift card to a local restaurant or some money. I tell the new mama to order some take-out from her favorite place.

A little bonus: If you take her a meal, make some muffins or baked oatmeal for the next morning too. I had a friend do this for me years ago and it made such an impact on me. I’ve done it for several friends since then.

Offer to Watch Her Older Kids

I know having childcare for my older kids was huge during my NICU journey, but even having someone to watch just one older kid is so helpful to a postpartum mom. This gives her a chance to focus on just the baby and catch a breath. She can nap when the baby sleeps or just get a shower to feel more like herself.

Another bonus tip: If she doesn’t have older kids, just come sit and hold her baby so she can shower or nap. Those two things work wonders for a woman!

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Help with Housework

If you are really close with a postpartum mom, offer to help with any housework. You can do laundry, cleaning, pick up toys or wash a sink full of dishes. Having someone to pick up some diapers can be a real God send! Maybe her flowerbeds need weeded and watered. The sky is the limit with this! You could even help her get everything cleaned up and ready for her newborn photoshoot. See idea number two on Three Tips for a Successful Newborn Session.

Lend a Listening Ear

Honestly sometimes all a new postpartum mom needs is someone to listen. Just sit and visit with her when you see her. Ask her how she feels, how her nights are going and really listen. Having that emotional support is so, so valuable! Your friend just wants to know that someone cares as she goes through this big change and that she’s not alone.

I hope you have found this helpful! In the future, I plan to do a special post just on how to support a NICU mom. But for now, just go out there and love on your friends who have just had a new baby. Give that new postpartum mom a big hug and tell her she is doing a good job!


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