A Neutral Wardrobe for Your Session

Family in neutral outfits at a family photography session

A Neutral Wardrobe Selection

Meet the Hou Family! I took their photos this past fall and was immediately was in love with the neutral wardrobe selection Liz chose. The soft tones of her sweater dress, the sweet, thin plaid lines on her daughter’s dress, the creams and tans on her son’s clothing and on her husband’s clothing as well. It all made for a beautiful session with light reflecting up on their faces. Wardrobe choices make such a difference in the final images you get from your session! Lighter, neutral colors add light to shadows, while darker colors, like black, add more shadows to your images.

Boy clinging to his mom's leg and family at a family photography session

Mama kissing baby girl on the temple

Parents swinging their toddler together and mama exploring the leaves with her son

Mother with children at a family session with Angelique Jasmin Photography

Young toddler boy kissing baby sister while sitting on a blanket

Details of woman hugging her husband with details of her ring at a family photography session.

Toddler at a session and son kissing mother

Details of a mother holding her baby daughter

Father with his son on his shoulders and parents walking together at a family session

Baby girl sitting on a blanket at a family session

Parents snuggling together and details of the mother's wedding rings

Father snuggling baby girl at a session with Angelique Jasmin Photography

Toddler boy sucking his fingers and mama helping her baby girl to stand on a blanket

Little boy looking up at leaves in a tree in black and white

Parents following toddler son at a distance and details of little boy's snuggle bunny

Parents swinging their toddler into the air

Mother walking away with baby girl and parents watching their son kiss his sister's feet

Mother tickling baby girl at a family session


Mother kissing baby girl and family looking for deer together

How Do You Want To Use Your Images?

You also want to be mindful of what you want to use these images from your session for in the end. What is your end goal? Do you want to use them on a Christmas card? Will your choice of clothes look good for that? Do you want to hang them as enlargements on your walls? Think about the colors of your home and seeing these images for the next 365 days or more. In my experience it’s best to find classy, more dressy outfit choices for everyone.


Help to Plan Your Neutral Wardrobe

I am happy to help any of my clients with their wardrobe for their upcoming session! We can send photos and links back and forth until you find what you know will look good and feel good on you as a family. There’s a good chance you may already have several options for outfits in your closets. I highly encourage mamas to pick their dress or outfit first and then base everyone else off of that. Don’t leave your outfit for last, my friend!


Grab this Freebie

If you want some some suggestions for dresses for this spring and summer, head to this link to download my freebie Eight Dresses for Your Next Session. This will also put you on my email list to receive exciting updates, first chance at my offers and suggestions for some of my favorite products. Bonus: If you want to see how neutral clothing looks at a newborn session, head to Newborn Session with Boys on my blog.


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5 Dresses for your Next Session

Do you struggle to know where to go for a dress for your next photo shoot? I have links for you to shop in this free guide. Let me take the stress out for you!

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