Give Yourself a Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching now that we have celebrated Easter. I’m sure we are all thinking of what we will do or get for our own mothers, but did you ever think about getting a gift for yourself? You do hard work as a momma day in and day out, but how often do you take time for yourself or give yourself a gift? I’m all about self-care as a way to fill yourself back up to serve your family more, but I also believe in preserving your legacy as a momma.

Preserving a legacy can be as simple and cheap as taking lots of photos in your iPhone of your kids and occasionally getting in the photo with them. It could be journaling to your children or keeping a baby book for them. It can also mean budgeting the money to invest in a photographer to take images of just you with your kids apart from the yearly family photos you have taken each fall for your Christmas cards.

You may think you aren’t stylish enough, thin enough, pretty enough or you just have too much in your schedule, but you will never get the gift of this season in 2018 back with your children. Don’t let all those excuses hold you back from getting in front of a camera with those precious littles who call you mom. Your children will be grateful for those images one day when they are all grown up. Honestly I now realize what a gift it is to have a mom who took a lot of photos of me and my four siblings. Many people don’t have the massive amount of physical photos that need to be sorted through one day like my mom has in storage.

I will be hosting Mommy & Me Mini Sessions at Hingework in Lancaster, PA on April 28th from 10am-2pm. These are shorter, budget friendly sessions designed to simply capture you and your children in the season you are currently in. The location is a gorgeous, white room with lots of natural lighting. The session will last for approximately 20 minutes and you will receive an online gallery of images before Mother’s Day. I want to have these images to you by Mother’s Day so you can share them with family and friends as a way to commemorate your life as a momma. So why not invest in this as your gift to yourself?!?

I will be taking a variety of poses during each session ranging from you with all your kids to individual photos of each child to even a photo of just you as the momma. If you are a business woman, this could be a great way to get one or two new headshots for your business social media or to have images to share more about yourself with your followers. Personally I am always looking for ways to connect with my followers and have found that images of myself or of my kids is a great way to help others get to know the face and life behind the business.

This type of session can also be a way to capture images of your pregnancy if you are looking to have a few maternity photos taken. I would also love to see mommas with older children there as well. You aren’t limited to a certain age group to be included in these session. Please feel free to reach out to me at for pricing and with any questions you may have.


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