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Flourish Flowers and Shop Adorably

Jul 6, 2018

This beautiful morning was a fun collaboration of several talented mommas and business owners. What began as a way to capture a floral class turned into a fashion and flower shoot as well as a time of connection for these sweet ladies. I like to think of how each woman is beautiful, shines in her own way and has her own strengths just like the flowers from the Flourish gardens.



Sharonda, from Shop Adorably, sells Agnes and Dora clothing. If you are on the look for some fun summer staples to add to your wardrobe, be sure to check out her shop here. She so sweetly gifted her friends a piece from her shop so they could represent her brand that morning. I have to say each momma rocked the piece they were wearing! It was fun to see how each one wore a piece that was so distinctly their style and was all from the same brand.



Trish taught the women after the fashion shoot how to make spring centerpieces and gave the women free reign over buckets and buckets of flowers in her workshop. It’s amazing to see how each woman was taught the same principles of flower design and ended up with arrangements that were so different from each other. Again their style and eye caused who they are to come through in their final product. It just goes to show how each one of us as women aren’t meant to be like the person next to us, but to compliment and encourage one another in who we each distinctly are.



You, my friend, have strengths and passions I don’t have, and God has a plan for you that doesn’t look like the plan He has for me. So let’s lift each other up and cheer one another on in motherhood, business and even dare I say our self-worth as women. If you see a woman you admire, instead of feeling ick and less-than, praise what you see in her. We are all craving connection and belonging. Speaking truth and life into one another will not only brighten the day of the woman you admire but also make you feel better as well. Okay, now I will step down off of my soapbox.



In case you haven’t heard it today, you are beautiful, valued and have so much to offer this world, my dear follower. Go chase your passions and dreams today!

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