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If you’re anything like me, you enjoy planning a few family Christmas activities during December to make the season extra special. We, as a family, have created some traditions that the kids look forward to every year. They have even asked about when we are going to do certain ones for this year before it was the Christmas season. I’ve divided them up into a few categories for you.

Christmas Decor in the Kitchen

Lancaster County

Christmas Activities We Love

  1. Christmas Spirit Light Show – this is one of our all time favorite things to do as a family during the Christmas season! We take our favorite Christmas cookies and snack while we drive through the lights. This is the activity my youngest has already been asking about.
  2. Journey to Bethlehem – We participated in this last year and it was such a fun was to experience the story of the birth of Jesus! Be sure to book your tickets well ahead of time since I’ve heard they sell out quickly.
  3. Christmas Eve Service at Ephrata Community Church – we attend church here and always love the Christmas Eve services they host. There are several times to choose from this year to make it easy to attend one.
  4. Christmas at Flourish – My friend, Trish, has a lovely flower farm and hosts a fun Christmas event each year. This is more geared towards the ladies, but I have taken Isla with me before because she loves all things flowers. You won’t want to miss it this year!
Momma reading a Christmas story to her kids by the tree

Just Outside of Lancaster County

Things We Want to Try

  1. Koziars Christmas Village – this is one I’ve heard about from several people and we are going to go this year. There are lots of lights and festive fun! Be sure to check their website because some evenings are cheaper than others for admission.
  2. Longwood Garden’s at Christmas – since I have a membership this year, we are totally going to take advantage of this! I cannot wait to see Longwood all decked out for Christmas!

Service/Outreach Activities

Here is are a few things we are going to do this year that are more service/outreach related and can be done in any state or county.

  1. If you have a mama in your life who is a widow or is divorced, take her young kids out Christmas shopping for her. I have a friend who’s kids we take out each year and it’s fun! Let them shop for her and cover the cost!
  2. We are participating in Meals on Wheels for the first time as a service project for school one day in December. It’s a great way to get our kids involved in the community and serving others. Contact your local Social Services for information on how you can help this December.
Momma serving hot cocoa

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