Fall Family Session FAQ

The fall season is fast approaching and that means lots of family sessions around here! I thought it could be helpful to write a Fall Family Session FAQ about when to book, what to expect and how to begin planning now for the best session ever!

Fall Family Session

How soon should I book my session for this fall?

I would say the sooner the better when it comes to booking a date for your session. This ensures that I have space for you in my calendar. You also get better options on dates that work well for you and your family. Booking early also gives you a chance to save up and buy the perfect outfits for your family.

Family walking together at a fall family session

What location should we go to?

The location depends on what you envision for the final outcome of your photos. Do you want the colors and location to go with the look and feel of your home? These prints could be on your walls for a while. Another question to ask is, where would my family feel comfortable being photographed? The field on a family farm could be more relaxing for all involved compared to a local park with more people coming and going. Do you envision trees or an open field when you think of your photos? All these are great questions to ask yourself as you work with me on setting a location.

Fall Family Session at Blue Marsh Lake

How do I plan our outfits?

First I want to say, I’m always here for you when it comes to your wardrobe for your session. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. No question is silly or dumb. You can gladly even ask my opinion before you hit purchase online. Again with your outfit choice for photos, I go back to what do you want to do with these images ultimately? What colors go with your style and home? In my experience, neutral colors look good on camera and go with a variety of decor styles since the prints will end up on your walls. I always say to start with your outfit as a momma and plan everyone else around that. A few of my fav places for dresses for mommas are Nothing Fits But and Baltic Born.

Mother with older children

How soon after our session will I get my images?

I will communicate to you at the end of your session what to expect as far as image delivery. I usually say about 2 weeks, but in the busy season it may be more like 3-4 weeks until you get your images.

Mother with daughters

How many images will I get?

The number of images depends on how the session goes but as a rule of thumb you can plan on at least 50-75 images in your final gallery.

Mother with son

If you are looking for a family session this fall, you can contact me HERE. Also you can view Four Generations Family Session and Lititz Family Styled Session to see more of what a family session with me can look like. You can also comment with your question if I missed it here on my Fall Family Session FAQ.


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