Photography Print Products

I have a few packages I offer which include these beautiful photography print products. I highly encourage anyone to print photos from their lives, to preserve their story and legacy! It gives you something tangible to hold, look at and remember that season of life.

Details of a linen photo storage box on a newborn flat lay in Photography Print Products with Angelique Jasmin Photography

Why print my photos?

You never know if you will lose files somehow. It could be through a crashed hard drive, failure to store them in a place you can remember where they are in your computer, or maybe they don’t get transferred to a new computer when you upgrade. Get those photos printed so you and your children can remember their story, your story as a family.

High Quality Prints

I can’t stress it enough, but it pays to print from a trusted lab that may cost a little more. The quality cannot be matched! I offer only deep matte prints with my photography packages because they are truly my favorite prints. When printed, they have a soft, velvety finish that doesn’t shine in the light when on display. The color of the image will also be spot on compared to cheaper labs with lesser quality printers.

Photography flat lay of newborn products including deep matte prints with eucalyptus, a wooden rattle and a linen photo storage box with Angelique Jasmin Photography

Linen Photo Box

I love to include these beautiful, personalized linen boxes for my clients! They are a great place to store special prints for yourself or your child along with tiny memorabilia. I am sentimental to a point. I don’t like things to take a lot of space or accumulate, but these boxes create a great storage option for those sentimental things.

Linen photo storage box with eucalyptus around it
Left: Open photo linen storage box with newborn photos in it. Right: Linen photo box on newborn flay lay with wooden rattles, eucalyptus and knit overalls.

Photo Album

There is something so special about having a family photo album sitting around in the living room. Your kids pick it up, laugh and smile as they remember when they were little. You may feel that life is dragging on slowly with your littles, but take it from a seasoned mom like myself… it will pass all too soon! The photo albums I offer are the perfect way to preserve your legacy for you and your children. You can purchase them when you book your session or add them on later.

Left: flat lay of photography photo album. Right: details of the pages of the photo album.
Image showing the thickness of the pages of a photo album in photography print products

Again, I want to give a shout out to my friend, April, for allowing me to use her beautiful, hand-painted styling mat for many of these images. You can follow her and her work HERE.

To see more from the newborn session that these images came from, check out the blog post titled Chester County Newborn Photographer. Also if you would like to book your next session that includes these photography print products, you can inquire HERE.

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