Beginner’s Workshop IV


There is nothing quite as fulfilling for me as when I have the opportunity to teach other women about photography and how to shoot in manual. It’s so fun to see the pieces come together for them, to see them finally understand how all of the settings in their camera come together to create beautiful photos. The look of pride on their faces when they realize what they are capable of is priceless to me.


(2) Images Above: DI Images


This past February I had the opportunity to teach once again The Beginner’s Workshop with Diane from DI Images. Each workshop we have held has been unique and different but the goal has remained the same, to teach others how to shoot their cameras in the manual mode. We go through the settings it takes to shoot in manual and help the attendees find them on their own cameras. We also cover a lot of other important parts that play a role in the images you are able to capture with your camera. I have to say I think this workshop was probably my favorite so far of all the ones we have held.

The event was held in the gorgeous Railroad Master’s House in Gordonville, PA. This local Air B&B rental was renovated by the super talented Chris & Claude Co. Honestly you could just go exploring and take photos there for quite a while even without models present. Each room is beautiful and so well decorated! The attic loft bedroom is so cozy and makes me wish I could be tucked away there during a snow storm with my hubby.


(2) Images Above: DI Images


We gifted each attendee with a macaron by my dear talented friend, Tara, from Tara’s Treats. Honestly, I’ve tasted macarons from Paris and the ones Tara makes are so much better in my opinion! She uses only the best, real ingredients and put such care into each part of the baking process. She has an extensive list of flavors for macarons, as well as cupcakes, up on her Facebook page. And because I know her personally, I can say she is so much sweeter than even the items she bakes (cheesy to say, but so true!). Tara has a heart of gold and shines the love of Jesus so well to everyone she meets. Honestly, I think I should hang out with her more so some of her joy, encouraging spirit and her love for connection with her friends wears off on me. Tara, you’re amazing!



Diane lined up two beautiful models for the attendees to practice their photography skills on. These girls killed it in the modeling department!! Their pink skirts were one of my favorite details of the day. (Yes, I have a thing for pink.) The way the shoot part of the day worked was that we split the attendees up to work on a more one-on-one basis with them during the shoot. This gave us the chance to show them on the spot what lighting we would look for and how we would set their camera settings in that particular situation. We then came back together as a group to photograph both of the models outside under the cover of the front porch.


(2) Images Above: DI Images

Even though the weather threatened to make us cancel our plans that day, we had an amazing time meeting each attendee, teaching and shooting images together. If you would like to know of future workshop events that we hold, please email me from the contact section of this website or message me on social media. Diane and I would love to see you at our next event!


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