Flower Field Maternity Session

I was completely honored when Ruth asked me to photographer her family again for this flower field maternity session. I had first photographed them a few years ago and am always thrilled to have returning clients! You have no idea what that does for my heart and confidence! Ruth and her family are one of those families you always want to photograph again! They are so easy going and dear to the heart!


Ruth chose Wildflower Lookout as the location for her session. I had never shot there before and couldn’t wait to explore it. She also wanted to use smoke bombs to reveal to her girls at the session the gender of the baby she is carrying. All I could say is… Yes, please! The possibilities with this shoot were endless!

The words from Ruth after her session though were just what I needed to hear! My heart is to truly make every momma feel beautiful. After hearing from her, I knew I had done my job well!

“Angie, I am blown away by what you captured. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. These will be treasured for the rest of my life. I know it sounds so vain that I don’t love my pregnancy body and I’ve learned it’s not really about that. I get to carry the image of God inside of me and that alone is AMAZING and so worth it. My body will come back eventually. But with these you have actually made me feel beautiful pregnant. I love ALL of them.”

Maternity Session in Lancaster Flower Field
Family in flower field for maternity session
Family hugging in a flower field
Little girl's pig toes in a flower field
Girls hugging and kissing mom's pregnant belly in flower field maternity session
Family in flower field maternity session
Father throwing little girl in the air; girls looking at flowers with mom
Little girl twirling in flower field session
Young girl in flower field
Sisters walking in flower field
Couple at flower field maternity session
Girls dancing in a flower field
wildflower field from flower field maternity session
Pregnant belly with parent's hands in flower field maternity session
Father with daughters; girls whispering in flower field
Smoke bomb gender reveal in flower field maternity session
Family with smoke bombs at maternity session
Young girls with smoke bombs at flower field maternity session
Parent's kissing the smoke bombs at maternity session

If you were inspired by this flower field maternity session and would like to book with me, please contact me HERE. I would love to work with you to make your vision come to life!

If you would love to see the workshop I attended this summer, check out the link below.


Maternity Session in Lancaster Flower Field

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